72TC Tungsten Carbide Probe

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Minimum quantity for "72TC Tungsten Carbide Probe" is 50.

The 72TC Series probes are constructed from solid 20 mil tungsten carbide rod with a ground taper.

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Made from solid tungsten carbide material.
Strong material holds its shape.
Good for cutting and scribing metal lines.

Strong tungsten carbide material.
Will hold its shape until the shear point of the material.

All prices are EACH PROBE, NOT PER BOX
Sold in boxes of  10, 20, or 25.

Made to order.

What size probe should I use?

The typical recommendation is to use a probe diameter that is half to two thirds the size of the contact. Remember, APT's probes are sold by the radius, so you must double the number to determine the diameter. It is normally found that a radius larger than 20 microns does not yield lower contact resistance. An example is: The contact pad is 10 microns, using the recommendation, you would then use a probe with a radius of 2.5 - 3.5 microns. (5- 7 micron diameter)

Why are some probes etch and others ground?

There are two common ways to manufacture the probe's taper and radius: 1.Electrochemically etch 2.Mechanically grind Why is one method chosen over another? 1.The base material is the driving reason: a. Tungsten, Tungsten rhenium are typically electrochemically etched b. Paliney® 7, beryllium copper, tungsten carbide, steel are generally mechanically ground materials This is the short answer, for more details on the subject please refer to the link in the Technical Resources Area under Probe Question's.

Dimensions of the 72TC Series solid Tungsten Carbide probe with a mechanically ground taper and radius:

The Tungsten Carbide material cannot be bent, as the material will fracture upon attempting to do so.

Straight version (only available option):


Applications include: 

  • Wafer or due punch
  • Semiconductor internal die structures cutting or scribing of lines and other features
  • This material is not recommended for electrical probing as it is not as conductive as other material options. 

72T probe - straight

Please refer to this section for American Probe & Technologies cross reference to other manufactures model numbers.


Cascade Part Number
Equivalent APT Model Number
71400 72TC-H3/50 x 1"



 Probing Solutions Part Number
 Equivalent APT Model Number
 72TC-D3/50 x 1.4


Semiprobe Part Number
Equivalent APT Model Number
DC-11022 72TC-F3/200 x 1.25