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73CT-APTA Coaxial Probe Resharpen

73CT resharpen service

Minimum quantity for "73CT-APTA Coaxial Probe Resharpen" is 1.

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For all of you that have asked the question, Can the 73CT Series replaceable coax probe be resharpened?

The answer is YES! 

This is what you should know about resharpening the probe:

  • APT can resharpen the tungsten core once.  The typical length of tungsten protruding from the coax shell is 0.095" - 0.115".   
    To resharpen the probe, first the old taper must be ground down to the base core diameter
  • The resharpened probe will have the core length reduced to 0.055" - 0.075".  
    The resulting probe may not be as flexible to use if you are making contact with close proximity structures with the probes located next to each other.
  • If the coax shell is damaged, then we recommend you not have serviced, as the electrical characteristics will be impacted.
  • APT will only repair those it determines can be successfully resharpened and perform close to or at electrically new levels.
  • The turnaround time to perform the service can range from 1-3 weeks depending on the quantity being serviced and the current back log.
  • The quoted price is based on a finished radius of 0.5 microns to 20 microns.
  • The service performed is limited to resharpening the tungsten core and not to refurbish the entire coax probe or mating connector pin.
  • The service is performed to your old coax probe, you need to return at your expense the old probe that has not been previously resharpened.

If you have any questions would like to speak with someone about the service, please feel free to call or email.