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American Probe & Technologies has been manufacturing probes since 1984. We take great pride in providing the highest quality products available, custom tailored to meet our clients' requirements. Our probes are manufactured to precise specifications, individually inspected and packaged with our personal guarantee of quality, or we will replace to satisfaction. Our staff is proud of the close relationship we have established with our clients.

APT has expanded our product line to include Low Noise Coax Probes, Triax Probe holders, and Hot Chucks. We are also proud to offer a complete line of custom state of the art triax thermal wafer chucks. All of our products allow our clients the convenience of single-source custom probing solutions for the most demanding probing needs.

American Probe & Technologies continues to provide the highest quality products to the semiconductor industry. You may already be using our products and not be aware of it. APT manufactures products for many of the largest probing suppliers in the industry, who resell our products to their customers.

You can benefit by purchasing directly from American Probe & Technologies:

  1. We offer a larger assortment of models to choose from.
  2. Overhead costs involved with purchasing through OEM's are reduced.
  3. We can manufacture to your specific requirements, providing more options of styles than available through OEM's.
  4. Our lead-time is reduced to 2-4 weeks in most cases.
  5. We can help you avoid company downtime by providing immediate product.

With over 25 years of experience in the micro probing industry, our engineers can effectively assist our clients with their probing needs. Analytical Probing by nature is not a simple task. Its applications range from simple probing of a transistor to probing under a semiconductor bridge in micro machine structures. In most cases, if APT can't provide a product or solution directly, we can usually refer our clients to someone who can.

American Probe & Technologies is a versatile company. We are responsive and work closely with our clients, with capacity to provide small to large, standard to innovatively customized orders to meet specific needs. We take pride in providing exceptional quality products. Equipped with a complete test and measurement department, we can verify that our products meet or exceed our clients' expectations. At American Probe & Technologies, we believe business is personal.