High Performance Chuck for Your Needs.

The newly announced ISO-CHUCK Series was designed to improve the test performance required from the semiconductor industry. *IsoChuck is a trade name and is a patented design protected by US patent #6,236,221,B1.

In the probing industry, the demand for improved test performance is critical. The IsoChuck solution can upgrade your existing probe system with an advanced design with lower capacitance, low current leakage, and provide an excellent solution for high voltage test environments. The power of the IsoChuck design is in its nonconductive, lightweight material. The applied metallization to this fixture in specific areas supplies surface connection and isolated shielding components resulting in advanced performance for the probing industry.

The wafer chuck capacitance in the 4", 6" and 8" test environments was a controllable factor. With the current advancements in the 300mm wafers, this is no longer a minor factor to overcome. The low density material of the IsoChuck design, compared to its 300mm metal counterparts, provides advantages in mechanical repeatability due to the lower mass. The low dielectric constant provides very low chuck capacitance in the triaxial versions of less than 200pF, and less than 10pF with a driven guard!

Configuration and Materials

  • Ultem 1000 is one of several materials available for the ISO-CHUCK series of wafer chucks. Contact American Probe & Technologies for details on the material and configuration which will result in superior electrical or mechanical properties or your custom application.
  • American Probe & Technologies has built its success on products that are high quality, and tested at our facility to meet or exceed the specifications requested. APT has a complete test and measurement laboratory and can provide a certificate of compliance.
  • APT offers a complete line of low current probes and test accessories to provide a turnkey system solution for your analytical test requirements.
  • For a listing of other superior products offered by American Probe & Technologies', please refer to our web site at
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300 mm IsoChuck designed for Suss Microtec Prober.  Coax design with less than 120 pF of passive capacitance. The newly announced IsoChuck...

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Ultem 1000 is one of several materials available for the IsoChuck Series of wafer chucks. Contact American Probe & Technologies for details on the...

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ISO-CHUCK for Electroglas 2001 with dual BNC connectors. One of the many materials that APT has chosen for the IsoChuck design is Ultem. This...