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73APT-100K Series "True Kelvin" probe



74CJA-APT-KS low current probeholder accepts replaceable 20 mil shank probes. Excellant for use with Paliney 7 and BeCu probe tips.



74CJ-APT-KS Low Current Coax Probeholders with a replaceable coax probe (73CT) and 34 mil tungsten probe (70T). A litz wire provides ground return.



LP600MB Linear Micropositioner with Course "Z" tilt and swivel probe arm mount. Shown with 74CJ low noise coax probe.



Chip resistor mounting onto 73CT series coax probe. BeCu probe is the contact material.



High Voltage version of 74B-1HV



DC Probeholer (74B-1 x .8") mounted into 78-RFUM Series mount. Allows DC probeholder mounting into RF mount, for cost effective probing.



IsoChuck Series of high performance wafer chuck. Shown is a 300mm chuck designed for a Suss Microtec prober (Coaxial).



IsoChuck Series of high performance wafer chuck. Shown is a 6" chuck designed for a SemiProbe prober (Triaxial).



Wire bonding workholder with thermal controller



Wire bonding workholder



Wire bonding workholder (vacuum device holddown) with thermal controller



HC-6000 Series of Thermal Chuck with custom quartz surface for high temperature probing



HC6008 Custom high terperature quartz surface thermal chuck



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