EU REACH Statement

REACH Statement

 The European Union’s REACH Directive (EC 1907/2006) is designed to regulate the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Substances. REACH legislation was finalized in December 2006 and has been in effect since June 2007.

In an effort to address the requirements of the REACH regulation and ensure a reliable ongoing supply of materials, American Probe & Technologies has contacted suppliers to confirm all necessary registration of in-scope substances in formulations, preparations, materials, or articles. In addition, suppliers have been requested to assess the potential presence of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC). The current SVHC are not intentionally added or used in the manufacture of APT products as of July 16th, 2019.

Please visit the ECHA website for the most up to date official version of the Candidate list:

To our knowledge, American Probe & Technologies, (APT) products do not contain any of the published SVHC. It should be noted, however, that Lead (CAS No 7439-92-1) was added to the candidate list as of June 27th, 2018; A small number of APTs' products contain brass that may be impacted as they may contain a concentration level greater than the specified limit of 0.1% (weight by weight). Please note that articles that contain greater than 0.1% lead concentration are RoHS 3 compliant using exemptions 6a/6c. 


In review of the REACH Registration requirements, APT has also provided the following support items for review:

REACH registration is required for all substances manufactured in EU or imported into EU in quantities of one tonne or more per year.
This includes substances on their own, in mixtures or substances in articles when they are intended to be released under normal conditions of use.
The last REACH registration deadline is 31 May 2018 for all >=1t/y substances.


  1. APT does not export the minimum of the “One Tonne or more per year”  (APT exports less than 0.1% of this weight limit)
  2. EU manufacturers and importers of substances on their own or in a mixture; or  (APT does not create or provide custom substances or chemical mixtures)
  3. EU producers and importers of articles containing substances intended to be released; or  (APT does not provide any substances intended to be released)
  4. "Only representatives" established in the EU and appointed by a manufacturer, formulator or article producer established outside the EU;  (APT is not a formulator or producer of substances)
  5. The REACH SVHC Finder shows no matching records of the following:  TUNGSTEN, GOLD, NICKEL, BRASS, STEEL, TEFLON, COPPER, SILVER, TIN.


If you require SVHC information for parts purchased from APT, please reach out to our sales team at; APT will provide SVHC information on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any further questions regarding APT’s REACH position, please contact American Probe & Technologies via the following email address:

A PDF formated version of this statement may be downloaded here: REACH Statement (PDF)

This information was prepared by:
Kenneth Chabraya
American Probe & Technologies, Inc.
January 10, 2020