Notice: 2/14/2023

It has come to our attention that a required National Instruments GPIB VISA Driver that was distributed at no charge is now fee based.
APT is determining if this product can be written around this driver dependency.
If this or any driver is required, the client is responsible to obtaining through NI (National Instruments) Sales Channels.

Until this is resolved, APT will place on hold any purchases (not processing any payments received) until further notice.

Thank you for your interest in American Probe & Technoloiges products.



New Version 2.5 ProbeIV (registered users are allowed to proceed to Download 10 Day Trial Version)

This series of software allows you to analyze materials or semiconductor leakage with all of the capabilities of your HP 4140B to resolutions of 1 fA @ 100VDC. Completely rewritten in Visual Basic with Windows XP OS, it offers Virtual Front Panel Operation of 4140B for I-V & CV Analysis and allows operator to virtually control the 4140B for any instrument operation. I-V Plots with options of displaying current over time. CV Plots with high resolution plotting capability.

(*Please note that by downloading trial or purchased software the user understands and agrees to the software license agreement.)

Virtual Front Panel control of Agilent 4140B.
User selectable graphing controls.
Graphing is user definable or auto scalable.
Data log to hard drive.
Semiconductor leakage Analysis (I-V).
Capacitance Analysis CV.
Custom Programming available for systems use.

For use with HP 4140B.
Supports I, I-V and C-V measurement functions.
Real-time display Graph in Logarithmic or Linear format.|
Data log to file (CSV format for spreadsheet) and color printer support.
Support for most of the HP 4140B functions.
Support for NI GPIB cards and cards with VISA driver support (drivers required from National Instruments must be pre-loaded and working).

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