86LPC-SSMC/40-E1 Triaxial Patch Cable

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Connect your new 74CJ probes and holders to your instrumentation without loosing performance. The 86LPC-SSMC interface cable also acts as an adapter to convert the Triaxial 3 lug BNC coming from your SMU to a guarded connection at the 74CJ Series body. The low profile, low noise cable is only 120 mils in diameter, and when used as designed will allow <10 fA current leakages to be resolved. By driving the guard to the probe body, very low capacitance is also achieved.

Low Current cable design.
Triaxial cable and connector convert to coaxial SSMC connector.
Specify connection configuration of triax to coax wiring.
*Cost varies according to cable length.
*Maximum Length: 1 meter, longer lengths available (additional charge).

Example printout of cable leakage and settle time:

86LPC-SSMC/40-E1 Sample leakage