If you have received a check from American Probe & Technologies from a second party in connection with an employment or educational opportunity, this is a fraudulent check.

The scam plays out in some scenario similar to the following:

An employer makes contact through an employment web site like indeed.

Although we haven’t seen the entire process play out, the applicant is sent via UPS or FedEx a check from a third party (supposedly the employer) with American Probe & Technologies’ name as the payor. The receiver uses this as reimbursement for office equipment (laptop, fax, etc.) to be to be shipped separately. It would appear the scam plays out when the recipient receives this FRAUDULT check of American Probe & Technologies, deposits it and shortly thereafter receives a COD package of the supposed equipment. It’s our guess, the package contains nothing of value and within 2-4 days, our bank rejects the deposited FRAUDULENT check.

In the end - our hypothesis - is you have issued your funds for hypothetical equipment and no longer have the original reimbursement funds.

If you have received a check as described above and would like to aid our team working with law enforcement, please forward a copy of all materials received, including information on the waybill from FedEx or UPS, and a description of your contact with these people to  

And if you would like to speak directly with someone, feel free to give us a call.

We appreciate immensely your help.