LP440 Micropositioner

LP 440 M
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LP440L shown with optional 78LP5-MMK1/2 Mounting Adapter and 74CJ probeholder. Engineered for the general purpose probing requirements, the APT model LP-440 Micropositioner is precision built for larger in-circuit or pad level microprobing. Featuring linear motion in all three axis, the LP-440 provides cost effective probing solution in a compact footprint size in bolt down or magnetic base mounting configurations.


  • General purpose micro probing with lead screw resolution of 40 TPI for pad probing
  • Smooth movement with zero backlash. Spring loaded ball bearing construction eliminates back
  • lash while assuring the smoothest possible movement.
  • Height: 2.00"
  • Linear probe positioning. To simplify probe positioning, all X,Y, and Z motions are linear.
  • Travel distance is 0.3" in X, Y and Z axis.
  • Base Footprint: 1.5" x 2.0"
  • Resolution: 0.025" per revolution

Coaxial and DC (standard) probe holders are available in many standard and custom

Configurations to accommodate almost any testing application.


LP440 Micropositioner

Right Handed configuraton shown




LP440 Positioner