LP600 Micropositioner

LP 600 M
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LP600-MB Micropositioner with magnetic base (shown with optional tilt and swivel mounting arm and 74CJ low current probeholder).

Engineered for the most demanding general purpose probing requirement, the APT model LP-600 High Resolution Micropostioner is precision built for micro positioning

to ever smaller Industry standards. Featuring linear motion in all three axis, the LP-600 provides today's most precise level of control for general purpose probing.

Features Include:

  • Sub-micron resolution. LP-600 resolution is 100 TPI, or less than 1 micron
  • Optional pivoting probe holder. The probe holder mount swings toward the operator, allowing easy probe replacement without moving the unit's base
  • Optional course "Z" axis. The probe holder mount allows for quick course "Z" adjustment for rapid test setup
  • Smooth movement with zero backlash. Spring loaded ball bearing construction eliminates back lash while assuring the smoothest possible movement.
  • Unsurpassed stability. The large base with either magnetic or optional vacuum base provides stability for sub-micron probing.
  • Linear probe positioning. To simplify probe positioning, all X,Y, and Z motions are linear.
  • Travel distance is 0.45" in X, Y and Z axis. The total travel in the Z axis is greater than 1" with the optional course Z adjustment.
  • The rear control design means there is no need for left or right hand models. This allows for closer spacing of the positioners to allow for greater flexibility in your probing application.

Dimensions: (Body only, with magnetic base): 3.4" H x 2.0" W x 3.75" L

Finish: Black anodize and nickel plated

Coaxial, Triaxial, and DC (standard) probe holders are available in many standard and custom

Configurations to accommodate almost any testing application.