Before ordering, please note the following:


If the payment option of “Purchase Order” is selected, an original copy of the PO contract must be emailed to sales@americanprobe.com; or faxed to: +1 408-263-3797.

If the payment option of “Wire Transfer” is selected, a $30.00 USD fee is added to the invoice to cover processing.   If you have not been approved by APT to make payment via “Wire Transfer” in the past, APT will not process the order until the funds are transferred in advance to assure the order is made in “good faith” and the order will be honored.

Bank Wire Transfer information for APT is:

American Probe & Technologies, Inc
*Bank of America Civic Center Branch 0866
 777 N 1st Street, San Jose, CA  95112
 Acct: 08660-30826, RT #026009593
  Swift code:BOFAUS3N

PayPal payment should be processed to:

American Probe & Technologies, Inc.
Account: sales@americanprobe.com
Fees: $12.00 USD plus 2% transaction fee (this amount is added to the invoice)


APT offers quantity discounts on probe orders beginning at 50 pieces. The probes are normally sold in boxes of 10 or 25; however, the prices listed are based on unit cost. APT includes a quality guarantee of an additional probe packaged with each box at no charge (applies to tungsten probes of the 72A, 72C, 72F, 72S, 72T, and 72X series with 25 per box only). Quantity discounts apply to all probe orders placed for the same model and style of probe, ordered at the same time, and with one shipment date. Blanket orders are excluded from these criteria, must meet the yearly minimum quantity, and must not exceed twelve (12) shipments per calendar year. Companies that qualify for the OEM discounts receive an additional 5% discount, computed as quantity plus OEM for a total discount taken from the base price.


    Discount %

1    -    49   


50   -  249   

   less 5%

250  -   499   

   less 10%

500  -  over   

   less 15%




American Probe & Technologies' products are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from purchase date. If you have any concerns regarding your order, APT will be happy to assist you. Your business is important to us, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. APT looks forward to working closely with you as our client, providing products that best meet your requirements. This guarantee is limited to the repair or replacement of equipment, and excludes normal cleaning and preventative maintenance adjustments. All returns must be authorized prior to their return by American Probe & Technologies, Inc.


Domestic payment terms offered are net 30 days to qualifying companies. A finance charge of 1.75% will be applied monthly to unpaid balances due over 45 days. International orders require payment terms of COD, international bank transfer, credit card, or net 30 on qualifying companies only. Customer may cancel all or any portion of an order for any standard product within 30 days prior to shipment, subject to a 25% cancellation price based on the selling price agreed upon and listed on the clients issued and APT accepted purchase order.  Client may cancel any custom product prior to shipment subject to a 50% cancellation price based on the selling price agreed upon and listed on the clients issued and APT accepted purchase order.  All International orders require customer's shipping account number for processing.


If this web site information is found to contain errors in description, price, or application; American Probe & Technologies responsibility is limited to the refund of the product at its purchase price less shipping charges.  There is no warranty of these products for a particular application, fitness, or merchantability for said application.  American Probe & Technologies is held harmless for any damages either monetarily, lost labor or production time in the sale or use of the products offered, sold, or purchased.

Minimum order amount: $50.00 Inside USA/ $125.00 on International Shipments.
All amounts listed are in US Dollars and are FOB American Probe & Technologies, Inc. San Jose, CA.


Actual shipping charges billed shall be paid by the client and added to the invoice.  In the case of customers providing their own shipping account information, APT does not add any handling fee.

VAT and Duties for International Customers:

The customer is responsible for any fees charged by the shipping company or the taxing authorities of the receiving country.  If the shipping company bills APT for any outstanding duties, the client authorizes APT to bill and/or use the payment method provided to cover the actual fees billed.

International customers please provide your shipping information in the shipping account field of your user profile or in the comment field when placing an order.