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American Probe & Technologies, a leading manufacturer of analytical probes and accessories for the semiconductor test and measurement industry, has provided standard and custom solutions for OEM and end- users for over 30 years.  APT offers engineering and production-optimized products for probing, wire bonding, failure analysis, product engineering and production departments. If you have an application or design in mind and you don't see the right product online, please contact us.

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73APT-100K Kelvin ProbeKelvin Probes

Quasi Kelvin Probe Holder
(custom shapes & radii with series resistor options)
Example of Kelvin spacingKelvin Probes
(Example of spacing)

LP600 Positioner with 74CJ coaxial probeMicropositioners with mounting brackets

74JA-6000Coax Probe Holders
(Several configurations
  to choose from)

LP600 Positioner with enhanced mountMicropositioners
(shown with tilt and
swivel mounting brackets)

72 Series ProbesDisposable Probes
(radii 100nm - 2 mils)

74CJ Series with Litz wire ground

    Quasi Kelvin Probes
(for LCR, SMU &
TLP applications)

Coaxial to Triaxial Adapters

 Coax and Triax Adapter
(Several configurations)

74JA-6000-FPCDC Probe Holder
(Several bends available)

74CJA Series HolderCoaxial Probe Holder
(Provided same 74CJ form-factor but allow different probe materials)
74CJA Series Probe HolderCoaxial Probe Holder
(Custom probe mounting configurations with series resistor and ground wire options)
72 Series Probe in various shapes

Disposable Probes (custom shapes)

IsoChuck - Kelvin IsoChuck Low Current Wafer Chucks Custom Thermal Wafer ChuckCustom Low Current  Heated Wafer Chucks

Other Products include:
CCD Camera's and Accessories

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