America Probe & Technologies Heated Work Holders are designed to meet the most demanding applications, whether for the standard flat pack or the most difficult of custom devices. Two device-clamping styles are offered: vacuum hold-down, and a fully adjustable mechanical spring clamping model. APT utilizes cartridge heaters and a "J" type T/C or RTD sensor (optional) to provide quick, accurate heat to the device. Heated work holders integrate a cable designed with rubber insulated wire for pliability to eliminate interference with the bonding operation. All heated chucks incorporate ceramic standoffs, and heat shields to safeguard the operator from heat during wire bonding. Optional device plates, lead slots, and clamping can be ordered to customize the work holders when required.

Heated Workholder identical to the WH-5000; however, the chuck diameter is a custom size ranging from 2.00 - 6.00". Features Variable "Z" axis...

Mechanical device clamping provides the optimum vibration-free positive hold down required to eliminate fixture related wire bonding problems. Mechanical...

Vacuum device hold-down Heated Wirebonding Workholder provides positive device clamping for flat based, or easily chipped substrates where mechanical...

Heated Wirebonding Workholder identical to the WH-5050; however, the chuck diameter is a custom size ranging from 2.00 - 6.00". Features...

Fully compatible with all workholder designs.

Features Ambient flat pack Wirebonding Workholder for Mech-El Bonders.

Wirebonding Pull Hooks for small gauge wire.

Minimum quantity for "PH1 Series Wirebonding Pull Hooks" is 10.