73CT-APTA Replaceable Coaxial Probe

Coming Soon:

  • APT is releasing a series of the 73CT coax probes with "Polished Flat" contact points.  This will increase contact area, and decrease contact resistance
  • Gold plated tungsten probe contact (a minimum purchase will apply)
  • Some examples of custom bends and shapes created for other clients

Custom bends with Gold Plated Tungsten

Custom Bends with Gold Plated Tungsten probe

Custom Bends

Another example of a custom bend






Custom bends may require a $450 NRE tooling charge
60 degree bend 45 degree bend

Minimum quantity for "73CT-APTA Replaceable Coaxial Probe" is 5.

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For 74CJ and DCP-1XX Series probe holders

Replaceable coax probe for use with American Probe & Technologies 74CJ Series or the Cascade Microtech DCP-1XXR Series (73CT-CMIA/XX).

73CT Series For use with 74CJ and DCP-100   Replaceable coax probe for use with American Probe & Technologies 74CJ Series or the Cascade Microtech DCP-100R Series probe holders. Direct replacements for 107-157, 107-158, and 107-159 coaxial probes.

The 73CT-SMTA/XXX Series has a final bend of 45 degrees instead of the standard bend of 60 degrees.  Specify the bend series on the drop down box when ordering.

Assorted sizes and easily replaceable coaxial probe tip.
Fits in all Cascade DCP-1XXR probe bodies.
Radius ranging from .5 to 50* um
(*extra charge for radii over 20um)

Dual low profile bends.
Very low leakage and capacitance.
Gold plated copper shield (0.034" OD).
Probe conductor is 8 mil (0.008") tungsten, radius etched to size.
Used in DC Parametric, LCR, Capacitance, and TLP Applications.

*Specify box quantity.

*Radius range of .5 to 20 um are priced as shown.
*Other sizes available (extra charge)


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What size probe should I use?

The typical recommendation is to use a probe diameter that is half to two thirds the size of the contact. Remember, APT's probes are sold by the radius, so you must double the number to determine the diameter. It is normally found that a radius larger than 20 microns does not yield lower contact resistance. An example is: The contact pad is 10 microns, using the recommendation, you would then use a probe with a radius of 2.5 - 3.5 microns. (5- 7 micron diameter)

Please refer to this section for American Probe & Technologies cross reference to other manufactures model numbers.


Cascade Part Number
Equivalent APT Model Number
107-157 73CT-APTA/15(10)
107-158 73CT-APTA/50(10)
107-159 73CT-APTA/05(10)
64064 73CT-APTA/200
36710 73CT-APTA/50
71401 73CT-SMTA/05
77001 73CT-SMTA/100
70197 73CT-SMTA/15
67044 73CT-SMTA/50
67055 73CT-SMTA/50
73277 73CT-SMTA/500