73APT-100K Kelvin Probe

The pitch is the spacing of the probes, measured inside edge to edge
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True Kelvin Probe Design

True Kelvin connection, each probe is connected to one SSMC connector, the ground/guard is shared.
Requires only one micropositioner for 2 connections.
Low current design, (<10fA)
Excellent for use with LCR's, or applications that require sensitive probe resistance correction through instrument "sense" line.

Less than 10 fA resolution.
Probe pitch (distance between probes) can be ordered from 12 to 100 um.
Very low parasitic capacitance design.

(*Specify radius and pitch)

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73APT-100K Kelvin Probe

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Product Specifications:


Material: Type II Gold plated brass/copper Connectors: Two SSMC connectors, with each being connected to one of the two semi-rigid coaxial probes creating a True Kelvin connection.  The probe mounting shank is: 0.124" ~ 0.125".  The probes of the 73APT-100K are not replaceable due to the co-planarity issues with the Kelvin contact.  The typical probe contact co-planarity is within 3-5 microns.


Current leakage: < 10 fA. Frequency: > 150 MHz Capacitance (Guarded): < 10 fF Impedance: 50 Ohm Power Handling: > 125 Watts @ 18-21 Deg. C Voltage Rating: > 250 Volts RMS @ sea level


The 73APT-100K Kelvin Series probe can be ordered with custom configurations including:

  • Series resistors
  • Custom bends
  • Custom mounting shanks sizes and configuration
  • SMA connectors
  • Custom UT-047, Semi-rigid coaxial with BeCu core
  • Radii and pitch (pitch is the distance between the two probe tips at the radius)


73APT-100K Kelvin Probe

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Please refer to this section for American Probe & Technologies cross reference to other manufactures model numbers.


Cascade Part Number
Equivalent APT Model Number
DCP-150K-12 73APT-100K-12/50LF
DCP-150K-25 73APT-100K-25/50LF
DCP-150K-50 73APT-100K-50/50LF
65321 73APT-100K-35/125
27316 73CMI-100K-25/50