74CJA-APT-KS Coaxial Probe Holder

Alternate configurations with different probe angles and mounting style. 
The 74CJA series can also be ordered in a 74PJA with a friction lock pin jack as shown below.
74PJA Holder with friction pin jack



3 standard probe mounting angles (45, 60, and 90 degrees)
There are three styles available: (Jam Nut / Pin Jack / Pin Jack - Blocked)
Jam nut Pin Jack - Through Pin Jack - Blocked

Minimum quantity for "74CJA-APT-KS Coaxial Probe Holder" is 1.

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Low Profile form factor of 74CJ and DCP100 Series with ability to use any 20 mil disposable probe. 
Excellent for applications that require the following:
  • Low current probing with probes made from BeCu, Paliney® 7 and plated materials.
  • Thermal applications where gold plated BeCu or Paliney® 7 probes would withstand higher temperatures without oxidizing.
  • Allowing a cost effective method of using inexpensive probes when your application does not require the high performance coax probes.
  • Several probe angles to choose from (45, 60, and 90 degrees).
  • Probe fastening using jam nut, open and closed friction lock, gold plated pin jack.
  • Optional ground return fastening point within body. This allow a anchor point to connect a ground wire without damaging the SSMC connector. 
    An example of this is pictured to the right on the 74PJA probe holder.
  • Longer lengths of probe extension available to choose from, if your using with another brand of prober where this form-factor is too short.